Poppy Amazing Grey seeds


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Poppy 'Amazing Grey'
Papaver rhoeas 'Amazing Grey'
1000 seeds

A most unique colour in the garden. Remininescent of the dark grey and purple clouds of an approaching thunder storm. Soft, flowing colour for any flower garden. The seeds will self-sow and come up again to flower the following year. 60cm tall.Flower size approx 7cm across. A mix of single and semi double flowers

Best sow seeds for a Spring and Summer show in Autumn in Victoria, or sow in Winter in Tropical or subtropical climates. Poppy seeds are very fine. A easy sowing solution is to mix seeds with fine white washed sand (such as sandpit sand) and sprinkly sand /seed mix ontop of a well prepare soil. Lightly water in, and keep mosit until seeds germinate 2-4 weeks.

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