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40CM X 50CM
Variety Profile

Very hardy and water wise with lush, evergreen foliage
Dwarf form of a popular landscaping plant
Suited to difficult dry and/or shady areas
Billowy white floral stems from spring to summer

Cultural Care

Very dry tolerant once established.
Low maintenance with no pruning generally required other than to tidy. Feed in spring with a general fertiliser. Removing flower stems as they fade will encourage more to develop. Protect from heavy frost. Mulching is advisable to further reduce long term maintenance.

Plant Uses

Idea for low maintenance areas, containers, small gardens, edging along pathways, paving or retainer walls. Creates a lush back drop around water features or garden ornaments/statues in shaded areas. Mass plant for embankments, beneath trees and other difficult sites

Mass plant for low maintenance areas
Adds textural contrast and permanent structure to mixed flower or shrub borders
Containers, small or narrow spaces
Edging for paths, drives or retaining walls
Provides a lush effect around water features and poolside landscaping


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