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Eye-catching silver foliage

Cool silver leaves with gold button flowers through spring and summer
Ideal for narrow garden beds and edging
Easy-care native container plant

Conostylis ?Silversunrise? is a grass-like Australian native ground cover with ghostly grey leaves that make a real statement. With golden button-like flowers that appear in spring and continue through into summer, it makes the perfect dry-garden companion for dark-leaved grasses and ground covers. ?Silversunrise? is a real garden feature when planted singly or in a pot, and a real show-stopper when planted en-masse creating a drift of colour.

?Silversunrise? is a very low maintenance, frost hardy and dry tolerant variety that?s well suited to any native style garden or one requiring little maintenance. Combines well with soft grasses, pastel flowering ground covers and native shrubs.

'Silversunrise' has no special requirements. It will produce great results with very low water volumes. Plant in a sunny location, in a well drained soil - it does not like to sit in a wet environment. Feed in early spring with a slow release fertiliser formulated for natives for optimum results.
Suggested uses

Plant alongside varieties with darker foliage for contrast
Plant around the base of a garden sculpture or feature
Beautiful container plant
Hardy borders and edging
Waterwise gardens - very dry tolerant
Ideal for coastal locations
20cm high x 30cm wide

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 40 cm


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