Hydrangea purple ball 200mm


Hydrangea purple ball 200mm

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Hydrangea are a summer treat. Flowering from late November until March in shady spots in the garden or large pot. Depending on how dense the shade is, the plant can grow anywhere between 80cm to 1.5m. Morning sun afternoon shade gives you the most compact Hydrangea. They are a thirsty plant in the summer, so it's important to make sure the plant gets plenty of water.

This Hydrangea has been selected for it's beautiful purple colour. This colour is maintained by a low pH. If this hydrangea is planted in a high pH, the colour will change to a pink/red colour. You can maintain the purple colour by using a hydrangea blue powder during winter until it buds in late october.

Hydrangea's loose their leaves in winter. Cut back by 2/3 to a double bud at this time for a better shaped plant in spring.


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