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Eriobotrya japonica, commonly known as the Loquat. An evergreen tree grown for its tropical sweet fruit in warmer climates, it produces distinctive large corrugated foliage with a unique velvety texture underneath. Heavily scented flowers bloom in late autumn and ripen to create the small golden fruit early summer.
Loquats are easy to grow and are often used as an ornamental. They thrive in most soil types as long as they have good drainage, once established are frost tolerant and require little water. Fertilise once a year in mid -winter.

Enormity is extra large orange skinned, oval shaped fruit with yellow flesh. Sweet and juicy, you will get fruit in late November. Self fertile

Landscape Uses
Their decorative corrugated foliage works well in a tropical style garden and can add dramatic contrast to other plantings. Mature loquat trees will produce an abundance of sweet fruit which make them perfect for the Aussie Mediterranean style garden.
Can be kept to 3.0m high though can grow up to 4.0-10.0m high


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