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Trixizie Nectarine Nectazee ? Freshly Potted*
Compact, deciduous dwarf nectarine fruit tree with shapely branches. Nectarine Nectazee has long-slender bright green leaves which drop in the winter months. The compact height makes this an ideal tree for smaller gardens, patios or for large container pots. Trixzie Nectarine Nectazee grows best in humus-rich soil which is well-draining. The fruit is medium size with a rounded shape and rich ruby red skin if exposed to the sunlight, however, if the fruit is hidden under foliage the skin may be more yellow. This is a semi-freestone fruit with a delicious, juicy yellow flesh.
Nectarine Nectazee benefits from annual pruning in winter once the foliage has finished dropping. This will encourage a stronger branching network, airflow through the canopy and better fruit quality.
Flesh: Yellow
Skin: Red- Yellow
Stone: Semi-Freestone
Cropping: High
Pollination: Self-Fertile
Fruit Maturity: Mid-late January
Position: Full Sun
Height: 1.5m
Width: 1.5m
Garden Uses:

Feature plant
Potted into large containers
Food garden
General Landscaping


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