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This super sweet hybrid variety produces excellent bright red roots. Ideal for growing either as baby beetroots or mature crops. This all round variety is a very reliable cropper that can be left in the ground for extended period without becoming woody. Delicious to roast whole or slice thinly for salads and sandwiches.

Winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit for reliability and good performance.

How To Grow

Sow thinly in rows 30cm (12in) apart. Cover with 12mm (1/2in) of fine soil. Firm gently and keep moist. Seedlings appear in approximately 10-14 days. For continuous crops sow every 2-3 weeks.
Thin plants to 10cm (4in) apart. Keep plants moist and weed free.

When To Plant
All year round, avoiding the coldest months

10-12 weeks

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