Tomato Combo


Tomato Combo

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3 different Tomatoes in the one punnet

Sweet Bite is an extra sweet cherry type tomato, that produces multiple bunched clusters of fruit .It is a tall staking variety that produces fruit over an extended period.

Apollo (improved) .................HYBRID VIGOURAn early season tomato, producing high yields of round, tasty, medium to large fruit over a long period, makes Apollo Improved a popular hybrid variety for the home gardener.Indeterminate Requires stakingHeight 2m Plant 50cm apart

Cherokee Purple .........................HEIRLOOMThe fruit is so dark, they call it ?black?. Big fruit with a big, complex and rich flavour. Reputed to have been a gift from Cherokee Indians in the USA in the late 1800?s. Late maturing.IndeterminateRequires stakingHeight 2.5mPlant 50cm apart


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