Lavender Bridestow Myra 150mm PBR


Lavender Bridestow Myra 150mm PBR

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Lavender Bridestowe Myra (Lavandula angustifolia) features richly perfumed voluptuous spear shaped flower heads of an intense lavender hue. Bridestowe Lavender Myra is a classic variety with a striking colour and fragrance making it perfect for dried flower arrangements, pot pourri and essential oil.

Lavender prefers a full sun to part shade position and are excellent for the hot and dry areas of most gardens. Commonly used for hedges and borders as well as pots and containers. Prune lightly after flowering to maintain a compact shape. Plant 30cm apart for a hedge/border.

Supplied as a potted plant

In 1921 an enterprising young perfumer arrived in Tasmania with a bag of Lavender seeds collected from the French Alps. He successfully sowed the seeds and within a few years began to produce high quality Lavender oil for the English and French perfume houses. Over the years, rigorous botanical and technical research conducted on plants in the estate has resulted in breeding a Lavender flower with unequalled purity of colour and perfume and a unique balance of the components in the oil which makes it perfect for culinary purposes as well as the traditional perfume, aromatherapy and therapeutic uses.
Bridestowe was founded using Lavender seeds hand-selected from France and in the early days only the plants with the best qualities were selected. Bridestowe?s Lavender was selected specifically for low camphor levels. Camphor gives lavender scent an unpleasant ?moth-ball? top note and overpowers the desired sweet and musky tones of the perfume. Five strains were selected in these early years and these are still grown at Bridestowe today with the same care and consideration.
To this day, Bridestowe Lavender Estate produces Lavender oil and flowers regarded as the best in the world.
Celebrating nearly 100 continuous years of quality Lavender production in Tasmania, the famous Bridestowe Lavenders have been released for the rest of Australia to grow and enjoy their wonderful plants.


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