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Variety Profile
70cm x 70cm
Early flowering, fragrant lavender
Bred in Australia and selected for its large, vibrant, dark pink flowers
Lengthy flowering season - main flowering flush begins in spring but also free flowering throughout the autumn and winter months.
Neat, compact habit with aromatic foliage
Flowers last well for floral arrangements
Hardy and easy to grow without any special needs

Cultural Care

Low maintenance and easy to grow.
Once established, quite dry tolerant requiring only occasional deep watering during extended
periods of heat.
Plant in a sunny location in a well draining soil.
Clip back to two thirds of overall size in late summer to maintain shape and vigour.
After pruning an application of slow release fertiliser and a light sprinkling of dolomite lime
over soil would be beneficial to overall performance.a

Plant Uses

Container displays for lengthy colour
Small gardens, patios and courtyards
Ideal for paths, entrances and entertainment areas where winter colour can be appreciated
Low, informal hedging
Waterwise gardens
General garden use


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