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Levisticum officinale
single species consisting of a perennial, native useful additive for savory dishes. to southern Europe. Lovage has a strong celery Use as a replacement for celery Aflavour and resembles celery in many ways. It when it is not available. It is quite strong, therefore has had a long history of cultivation for both culinary few leaves are enough to substitute a stalk of celery. and medicinal purposes. Although these days it Young shoots can be steamed and eaten as a doesn?t seem to be as popular as it once was.vegetable.MedicinalDESCRIPTIONChew seeds to help relieve indigestion and act as a Levisticum officinale is a large perennial with divided breath freshener.leaves, fleshy roots and hollow stems. The whole plant has a celery scent.CULTIVATIONRich, well-drained soil in sun or partial shade. The soil PARTS USEDshould be deeply dug to allow for the development ofLeaves, seeds and roots a good rhizome.. PROPERTIESHARVESTA celery-scented herb. A sedative herb that helps Pick leaves as needed. Seed should be collected when digestion and relaxes muscle spasms as well as ripe. Roots can be dug in the third year.promoting perspiration.


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