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How much fun is it to watch your own Mushrooms grow? Well they are just so easy to grow and these complete kits make it simple. The Mushroom Kit White/Brown Combo (Agaricus bisporus) has a different variety in each half of the box: White Button ? regular button mushroom Portabello (or Swiss Brown) ? a milky brown coloured mushroom with a firmer texture and stronger flavour than the White mushrooms.

All you need to do is place the box in a suitable location (constant 17-20 degrees), empty the included peatmoss growing mix onto the mushroom compost sprinkle water to keep moist and wait for the mushrooms to grow ? complete instructions are included.
Pick mushrooms as they develop and more will emerge in flushes. The more open the cap is the more intense the flavour will be. You are sure to get a regular feed of tasty home grown mushrooms and when finished you are left with organic compost.
It should be 2-3 weeks before your first mushroom. Approx 2.5-3kg per kit over 6 weeks.


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